Baker Street Partners specializes in marketing and sales consultation, direct marketing campaigns, for high growth companies. Plus selective investing in unique situations where we can offer value added advising.

We have advised and consulted with over 20 companies on their growth strategies. All, save one, resulted in significantly faster growth.


Baker Street Partners: Growth Consulting Projects



Mobile Hardware Ecosystem Company – Designed social marketing program, designed European sales penetration plan, and sales compensation plan.

Social Geo-location Company – Devised new product strategy resulting in major account success.

Facebook Advertising Company – Advised on user interface design and aggressive marketing approaches.

In-App Advertising Company – Strategic consulting on global marketing programs.

Enterprise Software Company – Revamped approach to sales force growth, resulting in rapid continued worldwide growth.

Financial Services Company – Revised sales rep compensation plan resulting in retaining high-volume sales rep resignations.

Social Networking Company – Devised new distributed sales strategy resulting in accelerated growth.

Buying Service Company – Revised their marketing approach to market resulting in 50% growth after three years of flat growth.

Educational Computer Company – Restructured their approach to sales and the management organization of the sales force.




Ideal Client



We love to engage with clients that have a great product, competitively priced, in a large and growing worldwide market that have stalled growth. Many of our clients are ventured funded with revenues in the $20 to $50 million range. We have also done successful projects for a company with $800 million revenue. Fees range in the $30,000 to $50,000 per project depending upon scope of work. Fees are usually broken into a $10,000 feasibility study with the option to continue with the full project.

We have worked with multiple venture capital firms and private equity firms.